Friday, May 22, 2015

 Brandy graduated Warren High School May 21, 2015. She and Seth are also pictured in a prom shot from earlier. Last night John and I (with BJ and Dewayne) returned to the town where I graduated in 1965 and Brenda graduated in 1989 with Rusty following in 1990. Facebook "if you are from Warren" group has photos of the old high school--where my father, Perry Councille, graduated. I went to high school there. It was a junior high when our kids got there.  That school is gone now, and the stadium that we saw last night is the one our kids used for three years, but not the one I was a part of. It's sad to see the lack of industry in south Arkansas. They say in real estate, "location, location, location." Warren is close to Not Much and on the way to Nowhere. There are some dedicated folks down there who are holding the baton of civilization and  have succeeded in getting some grants to help in various ways. I hope they keep holding. It's a unique place. I enjoy being in a "bedroom community" of Little Rock; but that won't work for the whole population of Arkansas. I mean, what would we do for Tall Pines and Pink Tomatoes if everyone moved up here?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Facebook has become the go to place now, and I did put out some photos from the wedding. Because I like more control (Yes, I know that's hard to believe), at some point I will go back and add more photos and information here. Mark and Carolyn make their home in Ames, Iowa.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

March! Spring is supposed to come in this month. Sure, we had ice in April one time. But the last three weeks have had days that looked like this. It's good that the Benton Dills have kept their electricity, but it surely has raised havoc with lots of plans. I'm supposed to be looking at mother of the groom dresses, keeping some medical appointments, opening "The Music Man" at the Royal. Benton got about five inches in this week's round. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sybil's Birthday and other Faves

I'm hoping that the two photos of the cousins stay on top. I'm never sure what Blogger will do. The top one should be the picture that stayed about Aunt Eleanor's couch all during my childhood. It was, of course, Sandra, Gail, and Sybil. When we gathered for Sybil's birthday, we sort of recreated the shot. The next one is BJ,Gail and John,Joni, Sybil, Kelly, and seat-Tom.
(This is a note that I'm posting after everything else: I finally found the photo of my new sun coral. I uploaded it, and Blogger planted it right in the middle of the first photos instead of at the end. I'm not going to try to change it. I buy 99.9% of my aquarium stuff from Kevin at Paradise Pets. However, on cyber Monday I ordered this coral and a monti from Salty Underground in Missouri. They overnight. The sun coral does not usually open during the day. He has to be target fed in the evening, but it's pretty facinating.)

 Brandy was a Homecoming maid. Here she is ready for the parade.

 And here she is ready for the game.
 I was looking for the photos of my lineup of hard corals including my sun coral. Missed those. Some may be in my phone. These two show off Waldo, the anemone. The top one shows his usual pose, and then there is the one where you can see his stem. After wandering across the tank, he has seemed to settle on this rock. When he strays he causes damage to the Xneia or he threatens the green star.

 And here are some shots from the fall photo shoot in Danville. I got the CD at Christmas, so I'm not as late getting them up as it seems. My story and I'm sticking to it.

Christmas Week

 After all the excitement of Thanksgiving, Christmas was a little lower keyed. We didn't try to get everyone under the same roof. Nana and Pacha drove up to see the youngest grands open their presents in Danville. Then Brenda's crew came over the next day to Benton. And they had a chore for Nana: Brenda wanted family photos--with Nana's camera. That was a Christmas present in itself. After I uploaded the Danville shots and one of Brenda's family, I noticed that I had left Samantha out. I added one more picture. The Danville Dills shot was not from Christmas. The green grass is a giveaway. They had some photos made in the fall, and this is one of them. Technically impaired Nana just used the back arrow on this post, and I thought I had lost it. So I think I'll publish before I do something stupid--again.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Last year at Christmas I posted the "real" Christmas photo and then the one in which Mark had thrown up his shirt. Someone labeled the second shot,"Can you pick out the bachelor?" I don't know if Caroline ever saw that photo, but there is a little irony. It will be his last Dill Christmas photo as a bachelor. We welcome Carolyn and Elliot to the Dill crew. We are absolutely delighted. No, you may not have her address so you can warn her. By January, we will no longer have two Montana sons. We will have one in Montana and one in Iowa. (And, of course, still two kids and three grands in Arkansas.)

Friday, October 31, 2014

We went to the zoo and found a hog! Happy First Birthday trip.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Look Back at Summer

 Brandy and Seth

 Our favorite Friday haunt.
 Father daughter bonding. They have also enjoyed a couple of trips to Tunica. Pacha's wallet is lighter.
 Phuoc went to California to visit some of her kinfolk. She is moving into a dorm at Arkansas Tech this weekend.
 The Danville Dills brought E down for Nana-Pacha camp the week of teacher inservice. (Brother went back with them. Maybe he'll stay next year--or the next.)
 Judy, Nell, Pris, Margaret, Dee, and Jane at Hendrix. Nancy had to go to an inservice.
 With Jasmine (Stephanie) of Aladdin at the Royal

Starting with Cinderella in 2011, she has photos with several Disney princesses. I'm hoping she will be a thespian.
Jim Ed as swimming instructor
 Addie (or Norm) with Waldo the anemone
 First grade Open House
 Sitting at the table from Grandma that John refinished, looking at the Danville backyard    I was hoping to get a humming bird in the photo.
Grandson the drummer

Who needs a TV?
 The annual trip west was later this year (and a little shorter since John had spent six weeks there for his cataract surgery). I am still experiencing technical  difficulties. It was the photo of Tori that I had intended to put on top--even though Mark was showing the swelling of a wasp sting on his face. It was our last visit to see the old girl. There was no cure for the cancerous growth on her muzzle, and it had to be at least uncomfortable--probably painful.She was getting royal treatment at home, but hunting season would have been unmanagable for her.John is holding Jaxx, Abe, and Rosie. Abe went with the men for a pre-bird season run, and didn't come back. He was found at the truck waiting for them. Rosie was jealous, so she dug under the fence that afternoon and had an hour long adventure in Forsyth. She also returned on her own while we searched and called and met most of the citizens of the town. Next shot is Belle (in back) and Zeke.You see in the pose with Rusty just who is queen in that household.    We had a good visit, and our sons made sure we did not meet anyone they were dating.